Automatically update your status on Slack
when you enter or leave Zoom meetings

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Auto-update your status on Slack during Zoom calls

Give your focus to your fellow Zoom-mates! Automatically sync your status on Slack to update when you enter a meeting (even if it's not on your Google Calendar) to let your coworkers know you're busy and minimize noisy distractions.

* requires using the Zoom app, not the browser, due to a limitation in the Zoom API

“Ad-hoc zoom calls were leaving an impression on my colleagues that I'm not around. Not since I started using the status updater. ”

Maya, Account Manager
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Auto-clear your status on Slack after Zoom calls

Zoom meeting ended early, but your status is still stuck to busy? Clear away your synced status on Slack as soon as you leave a Zoom meeting, not just when the event ends via the Google Calendar event.

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