Zoom to Slack Status Updater helps you keep your status on Slack up to date with your ad-hoc Zoom calls. This page should contain answers to most of your questions.

Is it free or paid?
It's paid. £2.39 if you prefer to pay in British pounds or $2.69 in US dollars per user per month.
What's needed to setup everything?
Connect both your Zoom account and Slack workspace accounts. Follow the links for more information on how to do that:
Do you store any personal information on your servers?
We only store your email and name that we take from Zoom for display purposes as well as the access tokens for Zoom and Slack. No other information is stored.
Why does the web version of Zoom not work?
Sadly this is a limitation of the Zoom webhook API. See more at Zoom Dev Forum. 😕
Do you send data to 3rd party providers?
The only 3rd party provider we use is Stripe to process payment data. We don't use any analytics services.
Is it easy to delete all my data?
Yes, very! Head over to your account and hit the "Delete my account" button. All data will be immediately removed in its entirely.
Any other questions?
Send an email!
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